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Dental check and consultations
Dental checkConsultation of an implantologist Consultation of a prosthodontics Dental check Regular dental check, professional oral hygiene as well as observance of the oral hygiene rules at home are the secret of a healthy and beautiful smile. A prophylactic dental check should be conducted at least once a year. It is possible to duly detect...
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Dental treatment
FillingCanal treatmentCosmetic tooth filling Filling Filling is a dental treatment procedure during which the decayed part of a tooth is filled with the filling material. The filling material is to be chosen for each clinical situation. Nowadays the most often used material is composite or a white helium filling. Such a filling is chemically bonded...
Zobu higiēna
Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene by ultrasound Dental hygiene for pregnant womenDental hygiene by ultrasound Make an appointment online and get 10% discount for dental hygiene! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Professional oral hygiene is a prophylactic dental procedure during which the plaque and tartar from entire oral cavity gets removed by special instruments even from the hard to reach...
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Dental implants
Dental implants are the present day! Until recently, many people regarded dental implants as something strange and unknown. Today dental implantation is a routine, worry-free dental procedure. Dental implants are the best way for replacement of missing teeth, as they do not damage the adjacent teeth, and they also allow implementation of the most unbelievable...
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Dental prosthetics
ProstheticsDental crownsDental bridgesRoot inlaysDental veneersRemovable dental restorationsNight splintProsthetics Dental prosthetics is a medical sector that helps functionally and aesthetically renovate a loss tooth or its part. Dental prosthetics can be divided in two departments: Removable dental restorations; Irremovable dental restorations (tooth crowns, bridges, veneers and root inlays). Dental crowns Crown of artificial material A crown...
Teeth extraction
Wisdom teeth extractionTeeth extractionWisdom teeth extraction Wisdom teeth are the most complicated and the most studied teeth in the oral cavity. Not for nothing they say: the less wisdom teeth you have, the less problems you suffer. The removal of wisdom teeth is one of the routine interventions in modern dentistry. Eighth teeth or third...
Zobu balināšana
Teeth whitening
Teeth whiteningInternal teeth whiteningTeeth whitening The whiteness of the patient’s teeth may reduce by time (due to smoking or consuming coffee) and the simplest way of regaining it is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure during which the dark pigments are being split under influence of special gel and the teeth enamel obtains...
Bērnu zobārstniecība
Children dentistry
Children's dentist Most of us have been afraid of dentists since the childhood therefore we take a lot of care of not creating any fear to our young patients. Easing children's fear of dentist We pay special attention to our young patients and we also create special atmosphere that makes them feel safe at our...
SOS service
In cases of acute dental pain, infection, trauma or other emergencies assistance will be provided immediately in the Dr Apine Dental Clinic – on the same day.
Ģimenes attēls
Family card
If you visit the Dr Apine Dental Clinic together with your family you will receive special offers. The Family Card is only issued and activated if at least two family members visit the clinic.   Advantages provided by the Family Card: Discount up to 10% for any service; Possibility to visit the doctor by cutting...
Sedācija ar smieklu gāzi zobārstniecībā
Sedation with laughing gas
Are you worried about the visit to the dentist? Laughing gas or nitrous oxide turns the fear of dentist into peaceful and completely safe relaxation. This safe and effective method of calming the patients has helped millions of people to fight their angst of dentists.   What is nitrous oxide? Nitrous oxide is gas that...
Mūzika labsajūtai
Music for your comfort
To make the customers feel even more comfortable and slightly relaxed, we offer them to listen to music in headphones during the procedure. Enjoying music creates no obstacles to the communication between the doctor and the patient as both of them can switch it off at any time.