zobu labošana pilnā narkozē

Dental treatment with general anaesthesia

zobu labošana pilnā narkozē

Dental treatment with general anaesthesia is a recognised and often used solution for dental treatment in both children and adults. Typically used where extensive dental treatment is required or when local anaesthesia proves to be ineffective. However, it can also be used in cases when a visit to a dentist causes fear and discomfort. The purpose of the general anaesthesia is to ensure that the patient does not feel pain, fear and other unpleasant side effects.

What is dental treatment with general anaesthesia?

General anaesthesia protects from the adverse effects of pain and stress caused by the surgery to the human body, as well as facilitates the surgery itself. If you have elected to use general anaesthesia, a doctor – anaesthetist will be responsible for the anaesthesia and will monitor and support all vital processes of the body like breathing and blood circulation.

When is general anaesthesia used?

Dental treatment with general anaesthesia is used where complex dental treatment is required – oral surgery and wisdom teeth extraction, as well as when treating children with severely damaged teeth and patients who experience panic and fear from dentists.

How to prepare for dental treatment with general anaesthesia?

Before dental treatment with general anaesthesia:

  • do not eat for 8 hours;
  • do not drink for 4 hours.

What happens after dental treatment with general anaesthesia?

  • When the dental treatment with general anaesthesia is complete, the patient remains asleep for a while.
  • At least 15 minutes after waking up, the patient will rest in a separate room and then, depending on how the patient is feeling, they can go home.
  • Immediately after undergoing general anaesthesia the patient is not allowed to drive, operate machinery and it is also recommended not to plan any work where important decisions must be made.

Benefits of dental treatment with general anaesthesia:

  • The patient does not feel any discomfort or pain.
  • The patient is unconscious – there is no moving around. The doctor can freely work without any distractions.
  • All damaged teeth can be treated!

How does dental treatment with general anaesthesia work?



To agree on the use of general anaesthesia in dental treatment, you will first have to have an individual consultation with the dentist and the anaesthetist, as well as receive a reference from your family doctor.



During the consultation, the dentist will evaluate the state of the oral cavity and the required treatment, as well as discuss whether dental treatment with general anaesthesia is really necessary in the particular case.



The anaesthetist will assess the general health of the patient, evaluate the potential risks and inform you about the right preparation for dental treatment with general anaesthesia.


Potential risks

The potential risks are minimal and are mostly associated with the failure to comply with specific pre-treatment measures.


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Hardijs Rozenfelds: anesteziologs – reanimatologs
Hardijs Rozenfelds

In 1993, Hardijs Rozenfelds graduated from the Faculty of Pediatrics of the Latvian Medical Academy and obtained the qualification of an anesthesiologist – reanimatologist. From 2003 to 2013, he was also the head of the Department of Anesthesia at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital.

Meanwhile his work at Apines clinic, Hardy also works at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital.

An integral part of a doctor’s career is teaching students, where Hardijs is a favorite lecturer because of his good sense of humor.

Hardy regularly attends international congresses and expands his professional knowledge to ensure the safest treatment for his patients.

Not only among colleagues, but also among patients and child patients’ parents, he brings warmth, peace and a smile, because he literally radiates sincerity and humanity.

At the clinic, Hardijs provides a process of full anesthesia and sedation to make dental treatment and surgery possible even for the most fearful patients.

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Marina Titova - zobārsts, bērnu zobārsts
Marina Titova

Marina Titova took her first steps in dentistry 10 years ago, when she graduated from the Stomatology Faculty of RSU.

Marina is full of kindness and sincerity and it is no surprise that she devotes a large part of her work to children’s dentistry. Marina performs her work with the highest precision and responsibility, is patient and warm, especially taking care of her younger patients.

Her knowledge is regularly updated by attending international congresses, courses and seminars.

Marina also treats her patiehnts under general anesthesia, sedation and with a help of laughing gas, if needed.

Marina likes to spend her free time with her family and dog.

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Žanete Petruņina - bērnu zobārsts
Zanete Petrunina

Zanete Petrunina graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Stomatology. She has taken an irreplaceable place in the clinic as one of the most helpful and friendly colleagues.

Zanete works mostly in children dentistry, because she is incredibly successful in persuading and finding common ground with even the youngest of her patients. Her creative tales and encouraging words accompany every step of the treatment. Her smile and warm personality are the reason why children come to her with joy and leave the office smiling.

For the most fearful patients, both children and adults, Zanete treats teeth under full anesthesia, sedation, as well as with laughing gas.

Outside of work Zanete enjoys traveling and equestrian sports.

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Rūta Egļukalne-Sūna - zobārsts
Ruta Eglukalne-Suna

Ruta Eglukalne-Suna obtained her higher education at the Faculty of Stomatology of Riga Stradins University. She started her career in medicine as a dental nurse, but soon realised her desire to help patients as a dentist as well. She has not regretted her choice for a moment, because, as Ruta herself says, dentistry is her true calling.

Ruta’s strengths are therapeutic dental treatment and dental prosthetics.

With her kind attitude and warm smile, Ruta is able to work even with the most fearful patients. Ruta has very high demands for her dental work, so that it lasts as long as possible and looks great. Ruta’s greatest satisfaction comes from giving her patient a beautiful and bright smile!

Ruta likes to spend her free time with her family traveling.

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Silva Ķude - zobārsts
Silva Kude

Silva Kude graduated from the Faculty of Stomatology of Riga Stradin University. Silva mainly deals with dental therapy for adults and also provides teeth straightening with orthodontic aligners. Another strength of Silva is aesthetic composite sealing – improving both the aesthetics of the smile and restorating the anatomical shape of the tooth without much intervention.

Silva continues to passionately improve her knowledge and skills both in Latvia and in Europe, taking part in various conferences and courses.

Outside of work Silva loves spending time together with her family in the nature and traveling around the world.

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