When visiting the clinic, the patient is fully aware of the expenditure to be expected. The prices for the services at the Dr Apine Dental Clinic are simple, clear and with no hidden additional payments.

Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Dental check2523
Consultation of a prosthodontics, implantologist3025
Panoramic x-ray2825
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Dental hygiene by ultrasound5550
Dental hygiene for pregnant women 
(without ultrasound)
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Composite filling on one tooth side (small hole)5955
Composite filling on two tooth sides (medium hole)6965
Composite filling on three tooth sides (big hole)7975
Preparation of single-channel tooth7570
Preparation of two-channel tooth9085
Preparation of three-channel tooth10095
Preparation of four-channel tooth120115
Filling of single-channel tooth7570
Filling of two-channel tooth9085
Filling of three-channel tooth105100
Filling of four-channel tooth120115
Root canal re-treatment115-165115-165
Intraoral dental X-ray76
Sedation with “laughing gas”3532
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Teeth whitening by laser250225
Teeth whitening at home9590
Internal teeth whitening4541
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Metal ceramic crown385370
Ceramic crown430410
Zirconium crown460440
Porcelain veneer430410
Protective, whitening and night splint9590
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Implant placement
Straumann SLActive (Switzerland)745725
Straumann SLA (Switzerland)695675
Dentsply Ankylos (Germany)645625
Prostetic on implants
Metal ceramic crown on implant650620
Zirconium crown on implant850820
Implant fixed removable denturefrom 1950from 1950
Tooth extractionno 50no 50
Price, EURWith Family card, EUR
Dental check2523
Composite filling4036
Dental hygiene by unltrasound4036
Sedation with “laughing gas”3027

Dental hygiene for a year

One full dental hygiene + repeated hygiene in 6-9 months’ time

95 EUR

usual price 100 EUR

Full dental aesthetics

Dental hygiene + teeth whitening during one appointment

265 EUR

usual price 295 EUR

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