express dental check-up

Express Dental Check-up

express dental check-up

Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are investments in one’s health, well-being, and self-confidence. An Express Dental Check-up allows anyone who doesn’t have enough time in their daily rush for health care to quickly and effectively conduct a dental and gum health check at a convenient and advantageous time. Due to the intensive daily hustle and missing regular dental check-ups, it’s impossible to notice dental damages and issues early, which postpones addressing them until they become severe, leading to costly and complex procedures and complications in receiving immediate assistance. That’s why Apines Clinic has developed its new service – the Express Dental Check-up. This innovation makes dental check-ups more accessible to everyone for whom every minute counts.

What are the advantages of an Express Dental Check-up?

Planning for timely traditional dental check-ups is often hindered not only by available appointment times in dentistry but also by the duration and cost of the check-up, which can vary depending on the nature of the complaint. In some cases, consultation, diagnostics, and treatment planning can take up to 60 minutes or more. The Express Dental Check-up eases time planning because the new service is specially designed for high-quality and efficient dental check-ups in the shortest possible time.

How is the express dental check-up conducted?

Apines Clinic’s innovation helps more efficiently plan time and costs, making the Express Dental Check-up ideally suited for regular dental health monitoring. By planning dental check-ups once a year, oral health issues can be identified and addressed in their early stages, avoiding costly and complicated procedures in the future. Although the duration of an express dental check-up does not exceed 30 minutes, the procedure itself is not significantly different from a traditional dental check-up and includes four steps:


Initial consultation

The dentist asks questions about your dental health history and current complaints.


Visual dental health check-up

A general review of the teeth and oral cavity to identify visible problems.


Taking two X-ray shots

X-rays help get a more comprehensive view of the dental condition, revealing hidden dental health issues in their early stages.


Discussion of results and treatment planning

After the check-up and evaluation of the X-rays, the dentist provides a detailed assessment and recommendations for further action or treatment.

How much does an Express Dental Check-up cost?

The shorter and more structured procedure time does not reduce the quality of the dental examination or diagnostic accuracy but does ensure the most advantageous price offer without hidden costs.

The price of an express dental check-up is only 45 EUR.

The service price includes all procedural steps – consultation, X-ray imaging, and a detailed assessment of dental health status.

Express Dental Check-up

Price with Family card
Express Dental Check-up (30 min)
45 EUR

What does the treatment plan include after the Express Dental Check-up results?

During the Express Dental Check-up, the dentist may identify additional dental damages or issues that require treatment. In such cases, specialists at Apines Clinic will provide a detailed explanation of the identified problem and develop an individual treatment plan accordingly, including the possible procedure schedule and cost estimation. Detailed information will make it easier to plan repeat visits to address the identified problems. Apines Clinic in Riga offers a wide range of services from dental repair and hygiene to dental prosthetics or cosmetic restoration, so any discovered issues can be resolved in our dentistry.

How often is it necessary to undergo Express Dental Check-ups?

To timely notice any deterioration in dental health, it is also necessary to visit the dentist regularly for preventive purposes. An annual Express Dental Check-up, thanks to its diagnostic accuracy and comprehensive nature, will allow monitoring of changes in dental health, timely notice damages in their early stages, and start immediate treatment, avoiding costly and complicated procedures in the future or unplanned dentist visits due to sudden tooth pain.


The Express Dental Ccheck-up allows for a comprehensive assessment of dental health in a short and focused timeframe. Therefore, the quality and efficiency of the service provided depend on the specialists’ knowledge and experience in working quickly, precisely, and thoughtfully in each step of the dental check-up. To maintain high standards, each dentist at Apines Clinic is committed to providing patients with not only quick but also safe and high-quality dental health care.

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Anete Salmiņa - zobārsts
Anete Salmina

Anete Salmina graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Stomatology.

Anete specializes in a therapeutic dentistry and endodontics (root canal treatment). Anete’s care and kind smile disarms even the youngest and most fearful patients. She carefully examines each patient, develops a treatment plan and performs the treatment with a care and patience.

In her spare time Anete’s passion is folk dancing.

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Roberts Galanders - zobārsts, bērnu zobārsts
Roberts Galanders

Roberts Galanders graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Stomatology. The choice of a dentist’s career came to him early in childhood, so there was no doubt about the choice of studies when the time came.

Dentistry is Robert’s true calling, you can definitely feel it at a every visit, because he treats each of his patients with a special attention and care.

Continuing his education in various courses, Robert improves his skills and knowledge to provide the best possible treatment for his patients.

Robert’s specialty is therapeutic dental treatment. But he gets particularly nice reviews from parents, who are delighted with Robert’s sweet care and patience with their children.

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Auguste Alekse - zobārsts
Auguste Alekse

Auguste Alekse has graduated from the Faculty of Stomatology at Riga Stradins University. Auguste chose dentistry because helping others has been important to her since early childhood. Auguste is always cheerful and smiling, so it seemed obvious to her that the art of smile would also become a part of her daily life.

Auguste prefers to work with adult patients, therapeutic treatment is her speciality and she also performs root canal treatment.  Her bright personality disarms the heart of even the most fearful patient.

Auguste’s other passion after dentistry is traveling!

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Jeļena Serdceva - zobārsts
Jelena Serdceva

Jelena Serdceva graduated from Riga Stradins University, Faculty of Stomatology.

Jelena specializes in therapeutic dental treatment for adults and children. Jelena is very kind and affectionate, so she gets along very well with even the youngest patients. Jelena explains the course of treatment step by step, so that the patient feels safe and is informed about each stage of treatment.

Jelena spends her free time with her family in nature.

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Ilze Karmodī
Ilze Karmodi
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Ilze Žuravļova
Ilze Zuravlova

Dental health is an essential part of quality of life and self-confidence. Unfortunately, in the daily rush, people often don’t have enough time to care for their health. An Express Dental Check-up is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective dental health care service that will help everyone take care of their health and well-being.


No, the express dental check-up does not differ from routine caries diagnostics.

No, this service is only available for adults. A separate dental service is available for children at Apines Clinic.

No special preparation is needed before the procedure. During the express dental check-up, the dentist will assess the patient’s dental condition and, based on the assessment, recommend whether dental hygiene is necessary.

No treatment is provided during the express dental check-up, but the procedure can identify the cause of the problem and arrange further treatment with a specialist. However, if the cause of the toothache is known, it’s best to schedule a dental treatment appointment directly.

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