Children dentists

Children dentistry

Children dentists

Children’s dentist

Most of us have been afraid of dentists since the childhood therefore we take a lot of care of not creating any fear to our young patients.

Bērnu rotaļliete pārbauda zobus

Easing children’s fear of dentist

We pay special attention to our young patients and we also create special atmosphere that makes them feel safe at our place. When waiting for the visit, the children can play in a specially arranged kids’ corner where they can draw, play with toys and even participate a roleplay featuring a dentist having a behaving patient – a teddy bear.

During the procedure kids can watch animation movies to get distracted.

dentist for kids

Child-friendly dentistry

We ensure the care of kid’s teeth from the first visit, hygiene and up to teeth filling and extraction of the milk-teeth. The young patients can choose the colour of the filling. In order to promote the young patients being positively attracted by the dentist, we always have some small gifts for them.


  • Don’t ever frighten the child with a dentist as the fear will preserve for a lifetime!
  • Remember that the parents not the children are responsible for the kids’ dental health. The parents should re-brush their children’s teeth by time they turn 8 years old.
  • The milk-teeth must not be considered of minor importance. They should be taken care as much as the real teeth as the milk teeth develop the occlusion, help the jawbones grow, develop speech and the aesthetics.
  • Children just like adults should see the dental hygienist twice a year.
  • To have healthy teeth and prevent any treatment children should be taught the basics of healthy nutrition – not to snack amidst the meals, consume more fruit and vegetables instead of sweets, not to use sweetened drinks.
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