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Dental check and consultations

Zobu rentgens

Dental check

Regular dental check, professional oral hygiene as well as observance of the oral hygiene rules at home are the secret of a healthy and beautiful smile. A prophylactic dental check should be conducted at least once a year. It is possible to duly detect defects occurred if visiting the dentist regularly, which allows avoiding difficult, time consuming and expensive manipulations.

Procedure description

  • A patient fills in a booking card about his/her health condition.
  • A patient informs the dentist about his/her complaints and wishes.
  • The specialist identifies the oral health condition by examining both the teeth and the gums.
  • If needed, X-ray examination is conducted.
  • If any problems identified, the patient is informed thereof and a further treatment plan is drawn


dental implantologist consultation

Consultation of an implantologist

If you wish to regain once lost teeth, improve eating as well as enhance your life quality altogether, we will provide you with consultation on all the feasible treatment plans. We will provide you with a general overview of the oral health and suggest the treatment most appropriate for you.

Consultation of prosthodontics

Consultation of a prosthodontics

For the teeth functionality and aesthetics get improved the Apine Dental Clinic offers dental prosthetics performed by high class specialists using the most advanced treatment methods. In the clinics, it is possible to restore the dental tissue by crowns, improve the aesthetics with veneers as well as reconstruct the occlusion etc.

In order to get you informed on the possible improvements the prosthodontics may have on dental aesthetics and the general life quality, the specialists at the clinics offer consultations.

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