Sedation with laughing gas


Are you worried about the visit to the dentist?

Laughing gas or nitrous oxide turns the fear of dentist into peaceful and completely safe relaxation. This safe and effective method of calming the patients has helped millions of people to fight their angst of dentists.


What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is gas that is used together with pure oxide to relax during the visit to the dentist. Once inhaled nitrous oxide is resolved in the organism and it has natural calming influence that persists as long as it is necessary to conduct the procedure. Patients describe this experience as a calm flow in a pleasant condition comparable to a dream.


Is nitrous oxide safe?

COMPLETELY. Nitrous oxide has been recognised as the safest relaxing means that is at use in the modern dentistry. It is tender, non-toxic and naturally loses it influence to the organism after being used. It has been recommended to the patients with various indications including those of hypertension, angina and previously registered heart attacks. Contrary to general anaesthesia when nitrous oxide is used the patient is fully conscious and capable of reacting.


Is nitrous oxide safe to children?

COMPLETELY. However the dentists care of the children feeling comfortable sometimes a particular amount of sedative is needed to ensure successful treatment. Nitrous dioxide is the safest and the most effective sedative that relieves children from any fear.


The most trustworthy relaxing method known to dentistry is now available in the Dr Apine Dental Clinic.