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Dr. Apine Dental Clinic is one of the leading implantology clinics in Riga that combines experience and family traditions with the most advanced dental technological solutions and implantology systems by top producers from Switzerland and Germany.

Mother and daughter Liga and Mara Apine, doctors in the fourth generation, founded their private clinic in 2010 with a strong commitment to providing the most qualified dental services. Just as important is the patient’s comfort, from a warm welcome and a home-felt atmosphere at the clinic to a completely explained treatment process and quality work.

Our patients recommend us to their friends and loved ones – and this is the highest appreciation of our services.

Welcome to Dr. Apine Dental clinic!

99,5% of dental tourists come to us for dental implants

High-quality Straumann and Ankylos implants

Lifetime guarantee on implants

implants placed

10 years
experience placing implants

Save up to 50%

If the quality of dental implants is the same, why pay more?

Dental implants prices

Price, EUR With Family card, EUR
Implant placement
Straumann SLActive (Switzerland) 745 725
Straumann SLA (Switzerland) 695 675
Dentsply Ankylos (Germany) 675 655
Prostetic on implants
Metal ceramic crown on implant 690 660
Zirconium crown on implant 790 790
Implant fixed removable denture from 1950 from 1950

We offer different sedation possibilities during the dental treatment: sedation with laughing gas, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

Dental implants possibilities

One missing tooth

A group of missing teeth with a zoned-off defect

A group of missing teeth with an OPEN defect

Complete lack of teeth

Got a question about dental implants?

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    What our customers say

    Planning the visit step-by-step

    1. Application

    Please fill an easy application form, telling about your needs, and we will come back to you shortly.

    2. Free consultation

    If all necessary X-rays are available, we offer a remote diagnose and set-up of the treatment plan.

    3. Planning the visit

    Taking into account how many visits will you need, we’ll set up the plan of trips to Latvia, doing our best to meet your preferences.

    4. Visits to the clinic

    Enjoy a warm welcome in Riga as well as a profound satisfaction from our services!

    Our dentists

    Mara Valdmane, ex Apine

    Mara is passionate about dental implants and believes that one can have a beautiful smile at every age.
    Mara has graduated the Riga Stradins University Faculty of Dentistry and has specialised in dental
    prosthetics. She has gained her experience working in dental clinics in America, Taiwan, Korea and
    Moscow. She regularly takes part in different training and professional courses in order to learn about
    the latest technologies and modern treatment methods.

    Liga Apine
    Head dentist

    Liga Apine is a dentist with over 30 years’ experience. With a degree from the Academy of Medicine, the
    doctor has specialized in orthopaedic dentistry, has valuable experience in dental prosthetics as well as
    gained experience in clinics in Moscow, Estonia, Germany, and Italy. Liga regularly attends certified
    courses and professional seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in dental treatment.
    Liga’s biggest joy is to turn a patient with ‘hopeless’ evaluation of their own teeth into a confident
    person with a splendid smile.

    Vitalijs Burnasovs
    Maxillofacial surgeon, implantologist

    Vitalijs’ skills in a jaw and mouth surgery are endless – from simple tooth extraction to complex bone
    surgery. He also specializes in a wide range of implant manipulations. Vitalijs is constantly attending
    world class courses in Cuba, Hungary, Austria, Germany and other countries to improve his knowledge
    and practical skills.
    Vitalijs’ skills and pedantic approach to every case result in successful outcome and happy patients every

    Aira Kalnina

    Aira Kalnina graduated the Riga Stradins University Faculty of Dentistry and has specialized in dental
    prosthetics. Her holistic view allows Aira to perform the most complex treatment plans, combining it
    with implants, fixed prosthesis or removable prosthesis. Aira regularly attends high-class conferences in
    Riga and abroad to gain knowledge and experience from the world class specialists.

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      Why come here for dental treatment

      Twice as affordable

      Compared to Scandinavia and Western Europe the prices of dental services in Latvia are 2 times cheaper. So, if the quality is the same, why pay more?

      Get the best care

      We will plan your visit so that you can get the most out of your stay in Riga. All our dentists speak fluent English.

      Easy to reach

      Just 2 hours fly from most European countries and a 10-minute drive from the Riga airport.

      Maximum safety

      Premium medical safety standards above the regular European requirements.

      How to get there?

      Riga is easy to reach by plane. Just choose your favorite among the most popular European airlines. For the best connections and ticket prices, please visit:

      Where to stay?

      Riga and Jurmala offer a lot of cozy and affordable accommodation options. Pick the one you like the most from the booking.com and airbnb.com services or choose from our selection: