Nothing but the high quality dentistry materials produced by the world leading manufacturers are employed at treating and caring the patients in the Dr Apine Dental Clinic as well as such methods are applied that ensure pleasant treatment procedure and high levels of the customers’ satisfaction.

In the clinic, the state of art dentistry equipment and filling materials are used ensuring a long service period and an aesthetically pleasant and natural appearance.


The patients are treated with the models of Diplomat Consul dental equipment that use latest design nozzle technologies for more comfortable care of the oral cavity.


The digital X-ray device Planmeca with low level radiation transfers the patient’s X-ray image on a display attached to the dental seat within counted seconds enabling the doctor immediately explain to the patient the further needed treatment activities.


Dr. Smile dental laser provides multifunctional treatment of the soft and hard tissues as well as teeth whitening causing no damage or post-whitening sensitivity to the teeth.


Endodontics is conducted both by manual and rotary instruments that is the fastest and most comfortable method of treating tooth canals whereas precision of the procedure is ensured by the ApexLocator system that establishes the length of the tooth canals.


When treating expressly anxious patients we use advanced anaesthesia method – sedation by laughing gas. The world experience of numerous decades testify that laughing gas is as effective method of calming and analgesic methods that is equally appropriate for use both with children and adults.


The sterilisation plan implemented in the clinic ensures maximum safety to the patients. The instruments are sterilised in full accordance with the European standards by treating them in specialised solutions and sterilising under air pressure in autoclave Euronda E9.