About Dr Apine clinic

The Dr Apine Dental Clinic was founded in 2010 with a purpose to fulfil every patient’s dream of healthy teeth and brilliant white smile. During these years Dr Apine together with her team have created a dental clinic where dental services of the highest quality are delivered in a pleasant and homey atmosphere.

The Dr Apine Dental Clinic is a place where providing the feeling of comfort to every patient is of utmost purpose and everything that may make the customers feel safe and comfortable – just like at home – has been taken care. We also provide accessibility for disabled patients.

In the clinic, work experienced and certified doctors and hygienists who provide basic dental treatment of high quality as well as the oral aesthetics procedures.

The main goal of the Dr Apine Dental Clinic is to turn the dental treatment procedure into a pleasant process during which every single customer is guaranteed a beautiful and effective result that has been achieved in the safe and comfortable environment.


The Dr Apine Dental Clinic is a family enterprise where the medical profession has been highly praised for four generations. The leading dentists are the mother and the daughter – Līga Apine and Māra Valdmane (ex Apine).


The Dr Apine Dental Clinic is continuously developing and following the advanced trend of the dentistry technology and equipment that are used in the process of treatment of patients. Thereby the clinic is capable of delivering a high quality service to any visitor.


At the Dr Apine clinic every customer can feel comfortable and safe – just like at home. The communication between the doctor and the patient takes place in the peaceful, family-like environment. The doctors take care that the procedures are pleasant and the outcome just brilliant.


Dentistry is passion of the clinic’s professionals therefore each patient will be met with a heart-warming smile when arriving but will be involuntary smiling him/herself when leaving. Our biggest gratification and joy is a satisfied and always smiling customer.